The renovation, refurbishment, construction and installation of open fires, wood burners or other solid fuel appliances in properties is a specialist area of expertise and one in which Quantum Chimney Services are well positioned to assist.

We stress wherever possible that it is key to have our involvement at an early a stage as possible in any project, whether that be the renovation of a listed period property or the construction of a new property or development.

Early involvement can help manage client expectation, prevent unnecessary cost implications if visited at a later date and assist the main contractor in achieving both a safe and compliant installation that will work.

The independent and specialist services we provide mean we are focused solely on delivering technically and mechanically competent advice that ensures the ongoing safety of both the property and occupants in the future.

We have experience in assisting with pre-design advice, pre-tender package specifications, on site assessments and inspections through to construction advice.

We have provided further details of some, but not all, of our services below, but would recommend that you contact us at the first available opportunity so we can assist in ensuring your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Range of Services: