Thatch Property CCTV Surveys

Thatch property owners are increasingly being requested by their insurance company to have an annual or bi-annual CCTV survey or flue condition inspection on all live wood burning, open fire or other solid fuel appliances, to check the condition and safety of the appliance in question.

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Here at Quantum Chimney Services, we offer a flue condition and safety inspection service. This includes an onsite inspection using CCTV and other calibrated equipment, followed by a detailed flue condition report, referencing relevant statutory and regulatory documentation (see our article ‘a basic guide to building regulations…. in thatch properties’), manufacturers installation manuals where applicable, which can be presented to the relevant insurer as requested.

As we only offer independent and specialist services, we offer a factual opinion on the condition and safety of the installation, with no hidden agenda to gain potential follow up works. Our concern is only to pass comment for the safety of the property occupants and the property itself.

As stated in our mission statement, our aim is;  “To provide an independent and specialist service focused solely on the safety and compliance of all solid fuel installations, whether new or existing”.

If you require an inspection or wish for further advice, please contact us through our enquiries form or call our offices.

Inspection Process and Method

A typical inspection will take between 2-3 hours on site.

Prior to our attendance, we may request copies of any associated documentation regarding the installation or relevant information be provided to us, or be made available on our attendance.

Our operatives will initially undertake a non-intrusive general inspection of the installation and property to identify any potential risks, hazards or non-compliances.

Once complete, we will then apply protective sheeting to the immediate area of the solid fuel appliance before the CCTV inspection commences. Our CCTV equipment is then passed into the base of the flue shaft through either the fire opening or appliance. A slow and methodical flue condition inspection is then undertaken. On completion, the property will be left clean and tidy as found.

A flue condition inspection report will then be provided to the client subsequent to the visit, which can be passed on to any relevant insurers.

Should any condition or safety issues be identified, we will provide a separate document of our recommendations. We do stress, there is no regulatory body that has the authority to force the homeowner to undertake any recommended works, but failure to address issues, if identified within a report, may lead to a property not being deemed insurable from a safety perspective.