Landlord Solid Fuel Safety Inspections

As most landlords are aware, the safety of the property and their tenants, along with any members of the public who may utilise a property, is paramount and the requirements and responsibilities of the landlord are ever increasing, including when solid fuel appliances are present.

Quantum Chimney Services offer a range of services to landlords, from carbon monoxide alarm testing through to full solid fuel safety inspections and reports.

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We advise all landlords that any solid fuel appliance and associated chimney and flue system should be periodically inspected with a CCTV camera to ensure the safety and integrity is fit for continued use; indeed this is becoming a common requirement imposed by the insurance companies to ensure a property is insurable.

The dangers posed by incorrect fuel selection, poor fuel storage, incorrect appliance operation, carbon monoxide and poorly maintained flue systems can all lead to unacceptable levels of risk to both the occupants, members of the public and property itself.

Whether you are a landlord or owner of one property, a hotelier, national pub chain or own a large portfolio of properties , here at Quantum Chimney Services we can offer a service tailored to your specific requirements.