Carbon Monoxide Alarm Testing

The presence of any solid fuel appliance within a property denotes that CO alarms must be present in order for the installation to be deemed compliant.

What is often overlooked, however, is that there mere presence doesn’t guarantee detection unless the CO alarm unit is maintained and regularly tested. CO alarms also have a limited life span, often between 5-10yrs dependant on the manufacturer.

Unlike smoke alarms, where the pressing of a test button is deemed sufficient to ensure the correct functionality of an alarm, pressing the test button on a CO alarm merely tests the alarm circuitry and not the CO sensor.

In 2015, it became law in the UK for all landlords to install working CO alarms and ensure they are regularly tested.

As safety of all property occupants where solid fuel or gas appliances are present is paramount to us at Quantum Chimney Services, we therefore offer a CO alarm testing and / or CO alarm installation service.

We use a multi-award winning, patented, universal test kit, for all CO alarms manufactured to BS EN 50291 and UL 2034. The calibrated test kits allow us to safely check the battery and sensor are fully functional and that the alarm will sound in the event of CO being detected.

We offer our services to Landlords, caravan park owners, hoteliers and many others. If you require a single or multiple property CO alarm testing service as part of a regular maintenance package, please contact us for further information and to enable us to create a package suited to your requirements.