On Site Assessment

Quantum Chimney Services are able to offer and on site assessment service to all building contractors, architects, property owners and other construction professionals.

The on site assessments are typically requested in one of two forms; (i) when queries or concerns are raised prior or during a project regarding the new construction or alteration of an existing chimney, fire opening or flue shaft, or; (ii) if a client wants a general safety assessment of an existing installation.

The on site assessment is non-intrusive and does not include the use of CCTV equipment to inspect a flue shaft.

Prior to attending site, if applicable, we would request copies of the plans and proposals, along with any relevant pictures or documents so we can make our on site assessment in context of what is trying to be achieved.

We will check the viability and feasibility of the proposal, along with addressing any specific queries or concerns, offering a verbal on site assessment.

Should it be decided that a more thorough and intrusive assessment is required, we are able to offer flue condition inspections along with other services that may be of assistance.

If the requirement if for a general on site safety assessment, we request any associated documentation of the existing installation that may be available. We will then attend site and make a general assessment of the safety of the existing installation against current building regulations, making suggestions and providing advice to improve safety if necessary.

In our experience, our on site assessments have saved clients thousands of pounds in attempting to create and install an appliance and system that would simply not work.

As we offer independent specialist services and do not offer installation services, our opinions and assessments are focused on safety and compliance, with no hidden agenda to persuade a professional or client into using a particular service or solution.