Construction Advice

Our knowledge of chimneys, flue systems and appliances enables us to offer a construction advice service, to both building contractors, architects and other construction professionals.

Our knowledge is not simply on what materials to use and how to install them when constructing a new chimney and flue shaft or renovating an existing, we assess all the implications of the proposal on the surrounding building construction and offer advice on how safety, fire risk and compliance can be achieved.

At its basic, our advice will begin with the flue system specification, materials required and method of construction. This is then broadened to look at the construction of the masonry flue shaft and chimney, how the flue route is proposed and its impact on the surrounding building.

Our knowledge of the Building Regulations and the associated regulatory and statutory documents and access to the relevant documents is vast. We also have a good rapport with all of the main flue manufacturers, allowing us to ensure the specification and advice offered is technically and mechanically correct, ensuring the safety and compliance of the proposed installation is met.

If you have any questions or queries and need assistance with a project, no matter what the scale, please contact us and allow us to assist.

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