Professional Advice Service

For any domestic home owner, whether that be a mid-terraced property or a large country home, Quantum Chimney Services offer a professional advice service on all matters related to chimneys, flues, stoves or open fires, whether regarding existing installations with issues or if considering the viability of a new installation.

As we are an independent company and do not offer physical installation works, all our advice and services is focused solely on meeting the clients expectations and ensuring the client can achieve a safe and compliant installation.

We have assisted clients with a range of issues and queries, from inspecting and assessing potentially defective flue shafts and fire openings wished to be bought back into use, determining the cause of smoke related issues, assessing the viability of potential new installations, providing specifications for new installation works to undertaking safety checks.

If you have any query or issue related to an existing installation, are considering a new installation or just need general advice, our expertise and knowledge will help you achieved your desired goal.

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